Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My job gives me a headache

Up until about two years ago I really liked my job. I have been with the same organization since 2002 and doing primarily the same job, but with extra things thrown in each year. Being pregnant definitely changes things though. I am a chemist, so when I am pregnant I can't touch any chemicals. It can be a challenge to find something interesting and meaningful to do while I am pregnant, but this time around I have been up to my ears in work.
I review data from other labs and I take it very seriously. So much so that people wonder why I am questioning the words of others. Well, if I am going to put my signature on something I want to believe in it. I want to know that the data is good, and not just trust what someone else says. And of course, people give me grief when I question them or the data, but I don't care. I take pride in my work whether its on the bench or at my desk.

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