Thursday, February 24, 2011

My first attempt with Modge Podge

I don't know if its being pregnant or some latent desire to be crafty, but I have been scouring craft blogs lately. I have come across a ton of incredibly creative women and one product that everyone seems to be familiar with was Modge Podge. This glue-type substance seemed really forgiving for someone like me with not much crafting experience or talent. So over the course of a three day weekend I made three pieces of "art" and somehow convinced the hubby to hang them.

For baby girls room.
We are going for an art nouveau theme for her nursery.
More pictures to come.

Also for her room.

For Bodhi's room. 
We put up a bunch of vinyl ABC's all over his room, 
which he promptly pulled down. 
Hopefully this will last longer!

For the living room. And yes, I know there is no punctuation.

I have a another really large piece that I have only painted. I have the supplies, but am kinda scared because it is a very large piece and takes a bit more creativity then I think I have. When I get it done I will be sure to post it.
My next plunge into being crafty is to make a bed skirt and window valence for the nursery. But since I don't sew, I have been investigating the ways to make it with just an iron and product called Stitch Witchery. We will see how that goes...

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